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Frequently asked questions and resources

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What are the main features that make DeliPal special?

DeliPal is a unique point-of-sale (POS) system that is integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This means that you can manage your entire business using DeliPal, not just your POS sales. With DeliPal, you can open up your business to your guests in ways you never thought possible before. Your customers can place orders, provide instant feedback, split orders with friends at the same table, and even pay directly from their mobile phones. Additionally, DeliPal allows you to reward your customers for their feedback, making it a great tool for customer engagement and satisfaction.

What do you mean DeliPal is an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that enables you to manage all your business processes in one place, eliminating the need for double work and saving time spent on entering the same data in multiple systems. From purchases to manufacturing, inventory management, sales across various channels (in-store, online, etc.), human resources, marketing, financials, and more, all these processes are managed in one system. Especially in today's labor shortage, the time saved by not having to enter data into multiple systems allows your employees to focus on more productive tasks, which ultimately leads to increased profits.

What do you mean with Guest Engagement?

As a hospitality business, it's important to connect with your guests in various ways. Besides providing them with a delicious meal, it's also crucial to engage them in other activities to ensure they return and spread the word about your food and service. One way to do this is by allowing guests to check in to their table by scanning a QR code. This connects them to your system and enables them to engage in several activities. For instance, they can order from your online menu, which features dishes rated by previous guests. Additionally, you can ask them to provide feedback on the dishes they've tried while still on the premises. To incentivize them, you can offer loyalty coins to spend on their next visit. Guests can also split the bill with others at the table directly from their phone or pay directly via mobile, avoiding the wait for a waiter to be available. Engaging with guests in these ways helps to build a closer relationship, increasing the likelihood that they'll return and recommend your restaurant to others.

Why Ordering Solutions? Is this not just a POS?

Nowadays, using pen and paper to take orders is a thing of the past for waiters. A single POS station might not be enough, particularly if you run a restaurant that is not very small. Time is of the essence these days, so to save time, the first thing you should do is to provide each waiter with a mobile ordering device. This will allow them to send orders to the kitchen as soon as they receive them from your guests. While printing orders in the kitchen or at the bar is acceptable, using an orders monitor will take things up a notch. Not only can your staff view orders in different ways, but they can also notify waiters of the various stages involved in preparing each dish. This will result in faster service and ensure that the soup reaches the table at the perfect temperature. If you want to improve table turnover, you can allow guests to order for themselves, with the waiter confirming the order and the cook starting to prepare the food. All these devices that help speed up your service work in perfect harmony, ensuring that every order is visible and manageable from anywhere. It doesn't get much faster than this!

Why do I need integrations? Is this not an all-in-one system?

We have integrated most of the restaurant activities into our accounting app. However, for some specialized processes, expert assistance is required. Our accounting app is highly capable, automatically reconciling transactions to corresponding accounts, grouping them into journals, and providing reports that conform to international standards. Nevertheless, we understand that accountants may prefer to use their preferred accounting tools. Therefore, for reporting based on Romanian standards, we have made it easy to export data to the leading accounting software provider, Saga. In Romania, the fiscal system is unique, and a fiscal printer is necessary for point of sale (POS) sales. Therefore, we have connected DeliPal to the universal driver FiscalNet, making it easier for you to comply with fiscal regulations. Furthermore, card payments are essential for any business, and we have integrated with the leading provider VivaWallet to make the payment process more convenient. Waiters can collect card payments at the table using the Viva Wallet card reader or the same mobile devices used for ordering. Guests can pay at the table from their mobile phones or on your website when they order for delivery. All of these features are integrated and ready for you to use.