The complete Business Management Solution for restaurants,
built for balanced Guest Engagement.
This is supported by the fact that we can instantly receive feedback dish-by-dish and offer incentives through the guest's mobile while on location. Oh, and have we mentioned the no-risk free trial?

Global Ordering Solution

Complete Business Management

Balanced Guest Engagement

Hardware Friendly

Flexible Pricing

Built by Industry Experts

Easy to Start and to Use

30 Days Risk-Free Trail

Works on any device

Easy to use

Has a ton of features

No expensive hardware needed

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Finally, a software that really works!


Here are the features that make DeliPal the most powerful and user-friendly ERP Solution for restaurants in the market.

Extra power for managing your business

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Tableside ordering, self ordering, online shop, kitchen and bar monitor, CRM. DeliPal is an all in one business management solution.

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Consolidated products catalog, automated purchase and manufacturing processes, and complex inventory management. DeliPal covers your entire product cycle.

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Human Resources

HR management with minimum effort: attendance, time off, contracts, shift planning, recruiting. DeliPal supports you in supporting the most important part of your business - your team.

Extra power for connecting with your Guests

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Instant Feedback

Super control with dish-by-dish feedback, instantly. DeliPal enables your clients to offer you very specific feedback from their phones, while still on location. And this enables you to have an instant reaction and to curate your menu. Pure gold.

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Loyalty for Feedback

Incentives for your guests who give you feedback. DeliPal gives you the freedom to configure your loyalty program as you wish and to offer your guests loyalty points for the next visit. Make your guests your pal!

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Self Ordering

Efficiency in the ordering process, because time is money. DeliPal gives you the power to let your guests order, rate, get rewards, split orders or pay by themselves, from their own phones. Your waiters will appreciate the extra time, which they can use to improve services for your guests.

TOP 5 REASONSwhy restaurant owners and their customerslove DeliPal!

Here are the QUALITIES that make DeliPal the most powerful and user-friendly Business Management Solution for restaurants in the market.


Easy signup process

DeliPal makes it easy - launch in under 10 minutes.

It is as easy at 1-2-3. Ask for a demo, online or in our office. We configure your instance in no time and send you a user and password to login, any device and any browser will do. You try it out for 30 days, can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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Hardware that doesn’t cost a fortune

DeliPal makes it simple - it works with a lot of hardware so you don't have to.

DeliPal is a cloud-based system. All you need is a browser. You don't need to purchase any new hardware to use it. Any touch screen computer or tablet can be used as a point of sale (POS) device, though Windows is required for fiscal printers. Waiters can use any Android or IOS mobile phone for order-taking. For kitchen and bar monitoring, you can use any tablet or touchscreen.

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Exceptional guests engagement

DeliPal allows you to engage with your guests like never before.

Place a QR code on the table and your guest becomes your Pal! From his mobile phone he can now browse your rated menu for popular dishes, order himself or see the order placed by waiter, rate the dishes he served, receive your loyalty incentives, split bill with friends, pay for his order.

Come on! I need to see it with my own eyes

All the powerful tools that you need to succeed

DeliPal is your complete restaurant business management solution.

There is so much more than just the POS! You have all thes apps you need for Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting and so much more. If not enough, we have extra apps for special requirements and integrations with popular providers.

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Always Reliable + Exceptional Customer Support

DeliPal offers you real-time support, for your real-time business.

When your restaurant opens and the first order comes in, it's crucial to avoid errors. We understand the importance of this and that's why DeliPal POS is designed to work in offline mode if needed. Additionally, your database will have top-of-the-line hosting and backup support, while our customer service team will be available to assist you seven days a week, from 8:00 to 24:00.

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Start getting more happy customers today

Launch your DeliPal account with a 30 Days Risk-Free Trial and grow your business faster.

Frequently asked questions and resources

You have questions we have answers.

Is DeliPal a Point of Sale?

DeliPal is not just a POS; it is a powerful ERP software designed on the open-source Odoo platform, specifically customized to cater to the unique needs of the restaurant business. It is modular in nature, with an array of apps that can assist you in managing various business processes such as Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Financials, and more. It revolves around an interactive POS system that is tailored to the restaurant industry, enabling your guests to connect with you and take Guest Engagement to the next level.

Who built DeliPal?

Our company operates restaurants in Brașov, Romania and we have faced difficulties in finding a solid tool for managing our business for years. Five years ago, we decided to look for a way to allow our guests to rate the dishes they were served. This would help us gather granular feedback and allow our chefs to identify popular items, so that we could constantly improve our menus. We believe that integration is the most efficient way to operate a business, so we built this tool and many more within an easy-to-use ERP system. All of these tools were tailored to the specific needs of restaurants businesses.

Why is dish-by-dish feedback important for a restaurant?

Today, restaurants rely on popular review platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, and Yelp to collect feedback from their guests. However, this feedback is often quite general, as guests rate their overall experience and not individual dishes. To determine which dishes are most popular, restaurants need guests to provide feedback on each dish. This allows restaurants to identify which dishes are particularly popular and answer the age-old question: 'what's good here?' This information is valuable not only for the guests but also for the chefs, who can use the feedback to improve their dishes.

Why is it important for the feedback from guests to be instant?

Rating platforms allow users to rate their experience at any time and from anywhere. However, this opens the door for fake reviews, which is a significant problem for restaurants as they rely heavily on popularity scores from these platforms. Moreover, these platforms do not help restaurants fix problems if any exist. DeliPal, on the other hand, only allows guests to rate their experience for a real order from the restaurant's Point of Sale (POS) system. This means that the guest must have paid for and received their order while still sitting at the table. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that the feedback is genuine. Additionally, when a dish has received a poor rating, the waiter receives a notification indicating the dish, order, and table number. This helps the waiter to visit the table, identify the problem, and offer the guest a solution to their problem.

Why should I offer my guests loyalty coins for feedback?

Loyalty is a crucial aspect of any business, particularly for restaurants. According to studies, returning customers spend 67% more than new customers. Therefore, it is essential to encourage your guests to come back to your restaurant as frequently as possible. With DeliPal, you should aim to receive as much feedback from your guests as possible. This feedback will help you improve your menu and increase your sales. However, even if it only takes a few clicks, your guest will still have to spend time on their mobile device to provide you with this valuable feedback. Therefore, the more incentives you offer your guests for their efforts, the more feedback you will receive. It is not just a cost for you, as your guests will return to spend their coins, which will boost your sales.